Travel: Penang as a World Heritage Site

Hmm… I know I have been missing from blogging for quite some time. I have some issues need to deal with and office workloads are tremendous… Thanks for staying put with me.

During the Ramadan month, I had too much free time on my hand as there was a long holiday and all I did was cycle or to be a tourist in my own hometown. Georgetown, Penang has earned the World Heritage Site (UNESCO) back in July 7, 2008. So, we all decided to do what tourists do. Went to places that we never been before.

Best to travel around the town is by foot or rent a bicycle. There are many places you can rent a bike, tricycle or quad cycle like the one we rented here. It was pretty easy to get around the town with 2 wheels and you can go a bit more distance too.


There are many things that attract people from around the world or locals to over here are the colonial buildings, food, the murals or street arts in Georgetown. Of course, not to forget the friendly Penangnites like us. 🙂

The UNESCO site covers the Northeastern side on Penang Island as shown in the map below. If you wanted to learn more about the UNESCO site, you can click to the link here for more information.


Also, you can read more about Penang from my previous post here:- Scenic Ride: Penang Heritage.

Colonial and Pre-War Buildings

DSCF2887 DSCF2780 DSCF2864 DSCF2837 DSCF2847 DSCF2851 DSCF2883

Floating houses

IMG_5366 DSCF2923 DSCF2922

Murals or Street Arts

IMG_5358 DSCF2860 DSCF2832 DSCF2895


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