About Me – How I Got Into Cycling?

So, how I got into cycling? 2 things! #1 priority is to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Secondly I have a very encouraging and influence friend who got me into cycling.

I have started cycling since I was 7-8 years old and my 1st bike was a Raleigh BMX bike. Then, I have changed to a Raleigh road bike. I used it to commute to school daily for a few years before I got a motorbike. That’s when I started got lazy and never rode again.

Went to college, got a job, married, have kid and started to gain weight; lots of weight. Until a point I told myself I have to do something. That’s when I started to talk to my “Sifu” and he started to introduce me into mountain biking (MTB). The brainwash session has begun.

I still remembered I told my 2 friends or Sifu then, I will not get into cycling. But, I had no choice to either pick up running which will injure my knee w/ my heavy body weight or cycling. Which I am glad that I picked up cycling. I have been enjoying and loving it since I started.

I used to weight 93kg and I have lost 16kg since then. You can see the pictures of me here before and after riding.

Old New

When comes to picking a bike that wasn’t a really tough decision for me as I used a fixed budget to find a bike. You can read more about Which Bike To Pick For Beginner in my other blogged.

I got my bike and started to ride around my house. It can be quite discouraging at start as I didn’t see much improvement on the weight lost or build up interest. Then I started to push a bit harder to go further distance, going uphill, going out with my cycling buddies and increase the frequency of cycling per week. Eventually, you will see some weight lost weeks after weeks.

To be honest this was not an easy task. I had to stop and grasp for air and water every few minutes or km. Also, I had some very good cycling buddies who are willing to wait for me in the trails. So, get someone who can teach you how to ride (how to change gear, body positioning, maintaining cadence) and wait for you. Over the time you will do better and better.

Besides cycling, I had to reduce my food intake too. For a start, I cut down my rice intake into ½, take more vegie, stop eating junk food, no meals after 9pm and I took oats meal once/week for my dinner. This may differ from a person to person, best if you consult your dietary.

So, I have lost weight and stamina built up. What’s next? How to keep the motivation going up? Riding the same trail over and over again can be very boring and eventually you will ride less. Therefore, you have to create ideas to continue riding. What I do is I track my trail pacing and try to break the time record I set previously. Explore new trails with your cycling buddies as different trails can bring different excitements.

Most importantly, have enough rest before rides, plenty of fluid and don’t push your body too hard that your body cannot take it. Stop and rest if needed.


18 thoughts on “About Me – How I Got Into Cycling?

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  2. Excellent write up. Very inspiring. Looking forward to Dec 2015 for my visit to Penang. Looking forward to check out Mt Erskine. Perhaps u could show me around?

    • Thanks! Sure… Just drop me an email when you lock down on the dates. There are other trails in KL you should try too. Check out my blogging about Mount Kiara and PCP. I am assuming you are from Aust?

  3. I am actually from Penang :). Born and raised on Char Koay Teow! I was mountain biking in Penang from 1995 till 2009. I am familiar with Station-3 at Youth Park and Bukit Gambier. I have ridden Mt Erskine when it was a boar track and left Penang in 2009. I am also familiar with the Kiara trails. I have however remained actively mountain biking till today. Will be back visiting Penang from 22 Nov till 5th Dec and will be packing along my mountain bike and will definitely look forward to ride Mt Erskine as much as I can. See u then….

  4. Cool. Any idea what a SRAM X01 11 spd cassette would cost in Penang? Mine are badly worn and broken and in need of replacement. They cost AUD$395 here.

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