Trails: Kota Warisan Ride

Around Kuala Lumpur (KL) has a lot off road trails than in Penang Island. The reason is the State of Selangor has a lot of palm oil plantation. My friends discovered this place when they joined a jamboree here. This trail is located in Dengkil, Selangor and it is 37.5km from KL city center.

Basically, we were riding thru a palm oil plantation which the trails are wide and we were speeding thru it with lots of fun. The length of the trails is about 27km and it took us less than 2hrs to complete it.

IMG_2043 IMG_2044 IMG_2045

In terms of difficulty, I would rank this trail as 2.5 out of 10. This trail does not have much climbing (or at least I haven’t been to 1) and highest point is only ~100m.



This is the peak



And the view from the peak



And, this is one of the most difficult part. If you have a full suspension bike or use to off road riding, this is just a piece of cake.



Well, I do not have many photographs about this trail and how to get in or out but if you drop me a comment below I can ask my friends for direction.


Trails: FRIM Ride

Forest Research Institute Malaysia or better known as FRIM. The name said it all. It is a research institute and as a recreational park with about 544 ha. Best of all, it is located very near to Kuala Lumpur. In the morning and afternoon, you will see a lot of bird watches, walkers, joggers and… Mountain Bikers! The entrance fee is RM2 if you ride your bike in and RM5 if you drive your car into the park.

This place is suitable for all ages. You can cycle with your children on a foldie or do something that is more fun like off road riding. On a paved road, the inclination is not big but there are certain roads which can be quite steep for children and adults too. But, no worries as all the roads are interconnected, so you can avoid those steep hills.

The off road trails are pretty scatter around and I don’t think it is connected to each other. So, off and on you will have to get onto paved road and back to off road again. Some of the trails are not maintaining well as you have fallen trees, tall grass and big potholes. Those well maintained trails are pretty short which about 12-17km in total. This fits those of you who have 1-2 hrs only for riding. There are few trails with 5-10 degree gradient but it is quite manageable.

IMG_1739 IMG_1649 IMG_1733IMG_1730 IMG_1647 IMG_1646

As you can see from the pictures, these trails are very rideable and only 1-2 areas with steeper gradient. This park has a lot of ponds. Some are quite big and some are small.

IMG_1653 IMG_1207 IMG_1645

One of those paved roads with steeper gradient.


1 last note to add here is, there is a place for you to wash off the mud before you are heading home.


Scenic Ride: Putrajaya, Malaysia


Putrajaya is located not far away from Kuala Lumpur city center. It takes about 30-45mins drive in early Sunday morning. Putrajaya is just like another Washington, DC where all the Federal Agencies are located. The man behind this idea was former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad. The estimated cost to build this place was USD8.1billion (source: wiki).

This place is best to ride during the night as there are hardly any cars and all the buildings are light up.  Also, it will be cooling too as there are not many trees for cover during the day. For your own safety, I would recommend riding in group especially the ladies and expensive bikes owner. Some roads can be very quiet and dark.

This place is also good to bring your family for riding or bring your Foldable Bikes (ride along Persiaran Perdana). How long is the trail? Well, it all depends how far do you want to go. If you start from Putra Mosque and riding along Persiaran Perdana (or Main Road) it takes about 4.5km each way. Of course there are many other areas you can just explore with your bike.

In the morning, you can see a few road bikes riding along the highway too.

Here are some of the night scenes of Putrajaya. These were taken along Persiaran Perdana.

IMG_2023 IMG_2024  IMG_2028  IMG_2027IMG_2025 IMG_2026IMG_2029 IMG_2031


And these were taken elsewhere in Putrajaya.

IMG_2018  IMG_2037 IMG_2036 IMG_2039IMG_2033 IMG_2034 IMG_2020

Trails: Fraser Hill Ride

Well, it has been awhile since I penned down my blog. It is either I have been busy with my many other stuffs or been riding the same trails. Which is boooringggg… Not until I found some old pics of my rides in and around Kuala Lumpur (KL).

So, where is Fraser Hill and how to get there? Fraser Hill is located in the state of Pahang and it is very close to Selangor. To get there from KL it is best to use the North-South Highway and exit at Rawang. After you have reach Rawang then look up the sign for Kuala Kubu Bharu (or known as KKB). You can park your car at any designated place in KKB township. From Google map, the distance from KKB to Fraser Hill is 41.5km but my meter clocked 43.5km. Probably is due to where we parked.

Map IMG_1840

I would say Fraser Hill ride is one of my favorite as 70% of the way is covered by trees. Also, I wouldn’t say this is a difficult ride at all as the average gradient is <2 degree. What you need to watch out for are the super bikes. There are lots of bikes speeding down the road but I believe you can avoid them by starting early. We started at 9+am.

Along the way, we stopped for beautiful scenery and there is a dam that can visit or take 5.  But, this is an open area with not much trees for cover.

IMG_1810 IMG_1811 IMG_1812

Not far from the dam there is a park for trekking or picnic. It is Sungai Chiling Sanctuary.


Ahhh… as we reached higher elevation, the temperature is much cooler and both sides of the road are cover with trees. There is a waterfall to cool off too but we skipped that.

IMG_1821 IMG_1820 IMG_1819 IMG_1822

Once passed this bridge, we were getting nearer to Fraser Hill.


Ahh… what a relieved when I saw this sign “Selamat Datang Ke Bukit Fraser”. It means Welcome to Fraser Hill.


But… we are not there yet as it has another 8km.


We were actually at Gap only (elevation 877m). At here, we refueled our stomach with some nasi lemak, burger and isotonic drinks.

IMG_1832 IMG_1830 IMG_1831

The last 8km is a bit tough but it is not unrideable. Average gradient is < 3 degree.


Finally, we have reached Fraser Hill after 2.5 hours of riding time. If you are riding a roadbike, it probably cut the time to half.

IMG_1832 IMG_1841

These photos were taken right in the middle of the town. Note the clock tower is like the iconic landmark of Fraser Hill.

IMG_1848 IMG_1846 IMG_1842 IMG_1838 IMG_1837IMG_1851

The highest elevation we rode on that day was 1246m. Before heading back to KKB, we had lunched at Ye Olde Smokehouse. Some said they serve very good steak but very pricy. So, we did not try.

IMG_1861 IMG_1863 IMG_1864 IMG_1866

Enjoy your ride…