Trails: Penang Bicycle Lane – Update

This is an update from my previous post for Penang Bicycle Lane. This place can finally consider a proper place for family recreational area. The path has extended from The Light Apartment to Queensbay Mall at Bayan Lepas. The total distance is now 14.65km with return trip which is an increased of 5km from previous route. It will take a small child an hour to complete with an average speed of 14.4km/h.


This part of the trail is still quite secluded and not many people know of. It was just me and my daughter cycling that day. The other part of the trail has more cyclists and runners which you will need to avoid. There is no continuance from the previous trail and you need to cycle on the road for 100-150 meters, so it is still quite safe for small children (of course with parents guidance). The start of the trail is just next to the Gold Coast Resort Condominium.

IMG_0420 IMG_0419

Once you have entered the trail, you will be cycling along the coastline which you will get a beautiful view and breeze.


This is along the trail

IMG_0409 IMG_0406

Until you hit this tar road which you are close to Queensbay Mall.

IMG_0395 IMG_0397 IMG_0398

From here the trail continues for another km before it ends.


The end of the trail… (which you can see Intel plant opposite).


Enjoy your ride…





2014 in review – Thanks for all your support!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,700 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Trails: Mount Erskine Trail – Partly Destroyed

I was sadden to see our only off road trails in Penang was partly destroyed in the front of our eyes. This is also happening in Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. I guessed the human existence has expanding into the area of our mother nature.


I have not ridden Erskine for quite some time due to constant rain and we were afraid of landslides. So, with a day or 2 of sunshine we quickly went. Alas, when we were about to enter the trail, it was gone and with this gate put up.

IMG_0479 IMG_0481

I wouldn’t think it was fortunate or unfortunate as there was another way to get by it. We had to pedal thru people orchard, cemetery and chased by dogs. We had to climb slippery soil, next to a cliff and it was a scary experienced.


The reward was this. We still get to had fun.


I wouldn’t recommend going now or alone. I will wait for the developer to create an entrance for us.


This is another update for the Erskine trail. They have made another entrance right in front of the Mount Erskine wet market. It is not an easy climb with a heavy bike and gears but at least we don’t have a pack of dogs chasing and barking at you. Going up from these stairs is easy but coming down is a challenging. Good luck MTB bikers.


Health: How Cycling Helps?

Well, before I jump into my topics, I am supposed to write a review for my new bike but it takes a week plus before I can get it for my review. In the meantime, I am filling in this.

I don’t have enough statistic or scientific proven about this but this is solely based on my own experience. Before I picked up cycling 2.5 years ago I was prone to fall sick either a common flu or migraine. Oh yes, I had frequent migraine and normally it happened at least twice a month. Since I started biking in 2012 and in 2013 I hardly had any migraine. The most important thing is I didn’t get sick at all for the whole of 2013.

Sadly, for the past 5 months I was not able to cycle much due to several reasons. 1) Family commitment 2) Work related 3) Weather, and 4) I sold off my road bike, so I couldn’t do long distance with shorter time. My cycling distance dropped half from 350km/month and last month I only rode 80km. With that, I had quite frequent migraine and this week I just fall sick. I am still recovering from my cold.

I believe any form of exercises will help in our health and we just need to do it frequently. Besides not getting sick, cycling has also improved my medical records. I was given clean bill since I started cycling.

So pick up jogging or cycling if you afraid to injure your knee. Or, any sports as it will do you good.


Health: Is Cross Training Important?

I believe at one point we all asked about this question “Is Cross Training Important?” especially when we hit the plateau.

Yes, I believe it is important and I can elaborate here based on my experienced. Before I had my roadbike (RB), I was riding on a MTB only and no matter how I pushed it won’t get any faster. After cross trained with my RB, I find that for the same hill I can conquered it faster on my MTB.

In another scenario is after I sold off my RB and back on to MTB only. I find that my performance dropped also. So, I start picking up running and gym and I find that it helps too. I was able to able to do Penang Hill without any stop on my last round there. I normally do have 1 stop.

Also, I have talked to a few friends who do RB and running and they do concur my finding too. So, if you want to improve, do at least both sports.