Review: Magura MTS Brake and Specialized Shop

Magura MTS is actually a Magura MT4 brake that was built for Specialized bike. A few months back, my brake was leaking oil and I thought that’s it. I need a replacement for it which I got a new Shimano XT brake from Specialized shop in Penang. I paid for the new brake then I only found out from the chief mechanic that Magura brakes comes with a 5 years warranty. I felt cheated that the shop manager didn’t inform me until payment was made. But, the chief mechanics did send it in for the claim (Thanks!). So, now I have a spare set of brake.

It took them about 2-3 weeks for the claim and Magura did a very good job to make their customer happy. They changed everything new except for the lever only. I have yet to try it as I am going to keep them as my spare now.