Scenic Ride: Penang Heritage

Well, I have been blogging lots of Penang single or off-roads trails. So, I am going to write something that is different this time. It is going to be light and easy.

Penang is also known as The Pearl of the Orient and it is also my beautiful hometown. You can talk to any Penangites and they will proudly tell you about the city. In 2008, UNESCO has named Penang in the World Heritage lists together with Malacca. The site is located at northeast of Penang or Georgetown.

Penang Penang1

The best to tour around the city center is by bike. There are many areas you can rent a bike for RM 10 whole day. Just don’t expect you will have Specialized, Trek or Cannondale bikes. If you are lucky, you can get a decent foldable bike. Or you can hire a trishaw to ferry you around. But, we used our own bikes.

P1030270 P1030222 P1030301

A lot of these buildings were built during the British Colonial time, so they have their architecture resemblances. During the ruling, there were lots of migrants from China and Middle Eastern too. Therefore, different part of Georgetown has its own uniqueness.

The Brits… 

P1030326 P1030328 P1030188 P1030194 P1030196 P1030201 P1030212 P1030216 P1030219  P1030207 P1030209 P1030190

The Chinese


Original Wooden Doors


Original Tiles

P1030335 P1030310 P1030274 P1030269 P1030242 P1030220 P1030241 P1030229 P1030297 P1030305

During the changed of government in 2008, Penang State has tried to attract tourists from locals or surrounding regions by promoting street arts and murals (murals drawn by Ernest Zacharevic). And… they succeeded.

The Murals

P1030261 P1030251 P1030252


The Street Arts

P1030296  P1030266

With the influx of tourists came also the hotels. Nowadays, you can find a lot of these boutique hotels which were converted from abandon old bungalows or houses. They are not cheap! Some of them costing about RM 500/night but in very quiet neighborhood.

P1030287 P1030290 P1030317 P1030318 P1030324

There are a few restored mansions like Cheong Fatt Tze and Pinang Peranakan Mansion are open to public but there is an minimal admission fee. I believe it is worth for the visit.

P1030333 P1030220 P1030223

When you are tired of cycling or walking, you can stop over these types of café for cup of coffee, tea or cakes. Generally, they are pretty good and pricing around RM5-10 for cup of coffee and RM 8-14 for a piece of cake.

P1030313 P1030245 P1030259

Enjoy your riding… Just make sure to put on a lot sun screen as it can be very hot by 10-11am.


9 thoughts on “Scenic Ride: Penang Heritage

  1. I don’t know much about Malaysia. I did share a flat with 2 Malaysian room-mates at university for a few years in Canada. So learned bits. But not much.

    So your photos are good learning tools about Penang. Love the murals and street llne mural art. Also some historic photos.

    • Thanks for visiting my posts! Great to hear that you learned a bit about my country through my posts. You and your partner should bring your bikes to Asia for bike ride from Thailand to Singapore. I heard that Chiangmai and Chiangrai has a good bike trails.

      • Don’t know what the conditions of the roads are like there. We definitely aren’t mountain bikers. We just have cycled lots in some trips. Certainly he has..solo across Canada and the U.S. several times.

  2. we have 4 adults and 4 kids (age range from 4 to 9 years old, would it be feasible to cycle around the heritage area in george town penang? Any suitable cycle lane recommend? Thanks.

    • Well, it all depends on the time and the day that you intended to cycle. The traffic starts to build up after 10am. So, I wouldn’t recommend kids with about 4 yrs old. Sunday morning is the best time to cycle as it has lesser cars.

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