Review: How Hard or Easy To Change Bar Tape

I believe this question is lingering in some of our mind. How hard or easy to change a bar tape of our roadie. Before I begin, I wasn’t confident to do this at all. Thinking, what if the bar tape comes off during my ride or I wrapped it wrongly. Luckily we are leaving in the internet age. 1st thing I did is to watch YouTube on how to do it. I did struggle a bit on the 1st wrap. I had to run back and forth from my PC and bike to make sure I got it right. It was pretty easy when wrapping the drop bar but it gets harder when during the turn at the shifter. Once you get it, is pretty easy. The other side takes much shorter time.

So, is it easy? No, as it took me 2 hours to wrap 2 sides but I am happy and satisfied I did this on my own. It may not be nice but it is practical. Try to get a single color and no wording on a tape as it helps a lot. I got the Fizik Tape Performance 3mm Thick. Yesterday was my 1st tried and I love the feeling. It has good grip, soft and comfortable.

Good luck and have fun!


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