Trail: Fox Hill via Thai Siang Low Koon (TSLK)



My intention of this ride was to try out Fox Hill as it is an off road trail. To find an off road trail in Penang is hard and it is even harder if it is for XC ride. One by one, the trails are converted to single track cemented and some even make it to jeep tracks. Like in Hill Turn, Ngor Hean and Oh Kio. There are a few ways to get to Fox Hill and going thru Thai Siang Low Koon is being 1. We used that for shorter route and avoid the afternoon sun.

Thai Siang Low Koon or better known as TSLK to Penang bikers. It is also one of the toughest route to cycle in Penang with the highest elevation of just 431m. It is not about the elevation as it is more about the continuous steep climb. For ~1.4km, it is all about straight climb without any flats or an average gradient is 17 degree. There are 2 parts of this trail has the hardest climb which is about 26-30 degree gradient and it is a single cemented track. One of them is named Stairway to Heaven as all you can see is the sky when climbed this stretch. Right after this toughest climb, it will have another shorter climb with about the same gradient. By now, I was so exhausted and my legs were screaming to stop and heart asked me to cool down. Strava has ranked this place as Category 2 climb. Fox Hill is not far after the 2nd toughest climb. Smell of relieve for me.

Fox Hill is just 2.1km off road with some pedaling require at certain sections but mostly are downhill. The trail is well kept for now as they just cleared that part for a competition. So, some parts the soil was a bit soft. The trail was covered with tree roots and drops but too bad no switchback. It is hard to find non-cemented switchback in Penang. The trail is single track and some part is just next to a cliff but it is rideable. This place reminds me Bukit Kiara in KL. The exit of the trail is linked to Tua Peh Kong Temple in AID.

It took me about 38 mins for the ascent and descent, so it was still bright to do another loop up to AID. I had fun and I will come back again but will not go thru TSLK this time.

How to get there? Follow the pictures below 1 by 1 and you won’t go missing. The entrance to the place is near the Air Itam Police Station. Look for the arch below as it sandwich in between a coffee shop and a house next to Indian Temple.


Then follow the red arrow and always follow the main path. Don’t worry about those path connecting to it.

IMG_1807 IMG_1809 IMG_1811

Always stop for the magnificent view or more like a break for me… 😀



You will hit a trail built in between the hut.

IMG_1819 IMG_1822

This is Stairway to Heaven.


Stop for another breath taking view before continue on.

IMG_1832 IMG_1835 IMG_1836

Finally, the Fox Hill entrance. This is the only connecting path that is off road and they sprayed pain on the floor. Going straight will lead you to Penang Hill.

IMG_1837 IMG_1838

My friend told me always follow the red and white ribbon and you won’t go missing.

IMG_1841 IMG_1843 IMG_1844 IMG_1845 IMG_1846

The end of the trail which will connects back to the cemented track and down to the Tua Peh Kong Temple.

IMG_1850 IMG_1851

Well, enjoy your ride.


Trail: Lotus Temple (Lian Hua Dong Temple)

I guessed I can write a series of trails those brunches off from Air Itam Dam and Sungai Ara. For the past 1-2 months I have blogged about 4 trails that just lead from Air Itam Dam trail. Total I have blogged about 5 pages just about this place. And today, I am going to add an additional trail to it.


If you all have follow my blog closely, there is an alternative route that lead to Air Itam Dam and I am going to continue with this trail. This is a very short ride with just 1.9km going up but the climbed is 303m. If you ride Carpet regularly and you think Carpet is hard, then this tougher. Carpet is 3km and with just a little bit above 300m height.

How to get here? This trail is actually a continuance from my previous blog. You may refer to this link – Alternative route to Air Itam Dam. Then, you can continue with the pic below where the Tua Peh Kong Temple is. Also, this is where the hut is located. You will need to take right path instead of going thru the hut. Actually, they are all interconnected as you can see it from the map above.


As you are pedaling up to Tua Peh Kong Temple and if the steepness is already killing you. The route to Lotus Temple will not get any easier. It is getting tougher with higher gradient. But, the max gradient is 27 degree.

IMG_4278 IMG_4280 IMG_4284

The very last part of trail looks very steep but it is only 19 degree gradient. It is one of the toughest too as you will need to turn and going up the sloop. Probably need to off the saddle to conquer this.

IMG_4285 IMG_4287

The reward? Are these and building your leg strength.

IMG_4291 IMG_4292 IMG_4289

Well, enjoy your ride and I think I will stop blogging about this place for now. Will look for other new places.