Trail: Gombak to Bentong

To get to Bentong from Gombak, one have to go thru Genting Sempah. This was an old trunk road to Bentong before the 2 lanes Karak Highway was built. The highest elevation here is 654m but actual climb is only 535m from HOA (Hospital Orang Asli). It is spread out to 14.4km distance, so it wasn’t so bad at all.

Gombak - GS

This is not entirely a new route for me and I have blogged about Gombak to Genting Sempah before. This is actually a very nice route as both side of the road is covered with rainforest trees. It is not hot and the road is nicely paved. It is also not a hard climb as the average gradient is about 2-3 degree only. A perfect 1-2 hours ride on your busy weekend. There are 1-2 areas that you might want to get the momentum going to push up the sloop or off saddle pedaling. Other than that, it is an easy ride.

IMG_4014 IMG_4015

What’s new for this ride was Genting Sempah to Bentong. This was like interstate riding as we were riding from Selangor to Pahang state and back. Bentong is located in Pahang and it is a border town. From Genting Sempah to Bentong town is another 33km but it is all downhill and flat road. Going back Genting Sempah was not so bad as the average climb was only 1.5 degree gradient and climb for 20km. Though it was hot when we rode back but there were trees cover here and there. Therefore, it was not as bad as Titi ride. The only setback here was the road condition. There were holes and cracks here and there. So, you will have to constantly watch out for the uneven grounds and holes. This can be tiring too as it has too much vibration. The last 500-800m was the hardest to climb. It has around 5-8 degree gradient. If your largest cog is at least 28T then you will be able to pull thru. Or, just stand and pedal.

Bentong - GS

Turning right here is to Janda Baik route but there is no turning require going towards Bentong. Well, at least not until you reach Bentong town.


You will cruise downhill and along the river. It reminds me of driving in Colorado except that the water in Colorado is clean and clear.

IMG_4030 IMG_4059

Also, you will be passing by a waterfall and a hot spring.

IMG_4068 IMG_4063 IMG_4064

The iconic sign of Bentong. I saw this post in every cyclists Facebook.


Coming back may be hot but there are trees cover here and there.

IMG_4056 IMG_4061 IMG_4074

This is the start of the last tortures climb. It may seem easy from here but there are 1-2 stretches that may require hard pedaling.


While you are at Bentong town, don’t forget to get a refreshing Ice Kacang from Kow Po café just next to Hong Leong Bank. A can of 100 Plus and a small bowl of Ice Kacang with ice cream cost me $6.

IMG_4043 IMG_4049

Enjoy your ride.


2 thoughts on “Trail: Gombak to Bentong

  1. Thanks for your posts. I have read a few and they are very informative about road conditions, hazards, traffic and gradient. Everything cyclists want to know but are usually not included in maps. Keep it up bro!

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