Travel: Street Arts in Kuala Lumpur

Street arts or murals in Malaysia are actually started off in Penang. The State government was trying to lure tourist into Penang by providing beautiful murals which they were quite successful into doing that. There and then it started to spread elsewhere in Malaysia. If I am not mistaken, Johor was the next location they painted but it was removed due to some controversial paintings. Then, it started to spread to Ipoh and now in KL.

SS2 - Copy

Since my riding were all in the morning and I did have free time to walk around in the afternoon. So, my friend took me to SS2, Petaling Jaya to have lunch and then walked around the place. To my surprise there are quite a number of murals around and some are quite unique and nice. See for yourself…

IMG_5023 IMG_5047 IMG_5046 IMG_5041 IMG_5037 IMG_5034 IMG_5033 IMG_5031 IMG_5030 IMG_5028 IMG_5026 IMG_5025

Oh, remember to stop by for lunch or tea time as there are so many restaurant around it and most of them serving quite a good food.

This was one of the coolest cab I have ever seen in Malaysia. I guessed he was going off road after off duty…



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